About Me


Kristen Mennona is a licensed professional counselor, a board certified dance/movement therapist, a certified eating disorder specialist (CEDS), and a certified specialist in pediatric OCD.   Kristen has over 10 years experience treating children, adolescents and adults in anxiety-based disorders.  She is an active member in the following organizations: International OCD Foundation, International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, and American Dance Therapy Association.  Kristen has presented nationally on the topic of eating disorders, body image and reconnecting to the body.

Kristen’s Approach:
Kristen has a nurturing, playful and direct style of therapy.  Kristen has a core belief in the power of the human spirit to overcome stressors and life circumstances when effective strategies are utilized.  She believes in empowering individuals and families to tolerate uncomfortable emotions and sensations in an effort to build connections and achieve life goals.  She also is a firm believe in the tenant that “families do not create mental illness for each other.”  Instead she believes that many factors (biology, environment and life circumstances) contribute to the development of a mental health issue. Therefore she does not hold judgement against an individual or family members of a person struggling.  She believes that each person in a family system is likely doing the best they know how to do at that particular moment in time.  She offers individuals and families the opportunity to look at behavioral patterns with a new perspective. Kristen specializes in providing a space, where grounded problem-solving can begin. She works to nurture the inherent strengths of the individual and family. She aims to empower clients so they can implement efficient solutions to presenting issues.