Less work, more connection

The older I am, the more focused I have become on “to do” lists.  In fact, completing tasks for me has become a form of self-care.  I often light a candle, put on good music and clean.  This act feels important to me, especially with the constant clutter created by small children.  I will tell you from experience that while completing lists feels good to me, it comes up short in creating a meaningful life (for me).  My belief that life’s meaning is often revealed in the messiness of the daily grind.  Which is why I am working on allowing for more mess, so that I can free up time to connect with friends and family.  If I have a finite amount of time during the week to connect, cook, clean, work, exercise and explore the world, I need to prioritize what portion of my life is spent on each.  Today I choose to spend time playing with my children, laughing with friends and perhaps doing a chore or two.   It is a choice to focus on what really matters.  At the end of my days, I will not regret having a messy kitchen when I have nurtured meaningful relationships with friends and family.  I invite you to consider what you prioritize. Just because it is best for me to make this choice, I do not believe that you need to make the same choice.  Perhaps decluttering and cleaning is the exact thing you need to create balance in your life.  I honor and respect that too.